Saturday, January 28, 2012

Post Holidays

Wow the last month has been a whirlwind! Blair took off time between Christmas and New Years so we ended up having lots of family time together. It was really nice. Then after New Years we all came down with an annoying but persistent head cold, so that took out another week. We were just getting back on our feet when Blair had MLK jr day off, which was nice. He managed to go to work on Tuesday then for the rest of the week we faced snow, ice, power outages, and all together bad winter weather. Now I have another cold, only this one is in my chest. I am slowly getting things under control. Mostly working on CGFF stuff, followed by winding yarn and dyeing yarn. I'm hoping to catch up while doing all of the Workshop Wednesday posts. I also have some ideas of adding something to Fridays, but we'll see if it works out!

So, to finish off 2011 before starting the new year, I present the mitts I made for my mom for Christmas:

These are the Hood River Top Down Mitts (rav link). I knit them out of the leftover Stitchjones yarn from the Keyhole Scarf I knit her for her birthday. They were a big success! I love this pattern, and yes I am biased because it is one I wrote, but still I really love it. I used up every bit of yarn, so no little ball rolling around in my stash. They ended up being about 4 rnds longer than the short mitts pattern, but that was easy enough. I just made sure to make a note of it when I finished the first, so the second would be the same. They came out perfect and I can't wait to use this pattern again!

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