Monday, October 24, 2011


We are home from a wonderful trip to the beach. I love going in the fall. It seems like a good way to wrap up summer. We definitely needed the break! Here are some photos from our trip:

Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach. This is the view from our hotel room.

Here is a closer view (both above and below) with my new macro lense Blair got me! I love it!

It was sunny and beautiful most of the time we were there. We even had temps into the mid-70s, which if you know the Oregon Coast then you know how very rare that is, especially in October. 

 This picture reminds me of my inspiration for my Cannon Beach colorway. I love the Blue/White/Brown combo. I think it might be nice to knit up something for a boy out of it too.

 On Wednesday the fog rolled in. It looked so cool! It was so beautiful!

We saw flocks of Sea Gulls. If you click the photo you will see there are two different types of Sea Gulls, which we thought was very interesting.

We also saw lots and lots of Sandpipers. They are so cute! If you look closely you will see they are standing on one foot. I think they put one foot up to stay warm and then they hop around on the other foot in the cold water. It's hilarious!

Pretty pink sunset.

Beautiful sunset over Haystack Rock. A beautiful ending to our trip! We are definitely happy to be home and back to work. We are happy for the break, but also love what we do!

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Nadine said...

Lovely pictures. New camera sounds like fun.