Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This last week has been a tough one. People on the outskirts of my bubble have had most awful things happen to them. They are close enough I would like to reach out to them but in more than one case are far enough away that I'm not quite sure how to go about it. So I am putting my feelings of condolence and love out there into the world with the hope that those who are closer to them are able to give them much comfort in their time of grief. I would share more, but it isn't mine to share.

Instead I am trying to get a bit of work done and by that I mean I am putting things on the website. I'm also knitting a lot, but with the dark grey weather which has rolled in I can't get a decent photo. The latest thing I have put on the website is the Pennant Scarf by Nadine Foster:

Nadine knit this out of one skein of Silky Sock in color Bordeaux. I have it packaged in kits on the website. I'm slowly working on adding kit options to all of the patterns in the shop. I am giving a 10% discount on yarn when you purchase it in a kit, Pennant included. It would make a great holiday gift or a nice luxury for yourself. Even a gift for a loved one who needs a little more comfort this time of year and I'm sure we are all in need of that right now.

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