Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Moonstruck Cardigan

I finally had the chance to photograph the Moonstruck Cardigan (rav link) I'm working on. It's so hard to lay out the pieces and get a decent shot. I finished the back while at the coast and decided to pin it together to try it on. Thankfully it fits! I am the same size as Maud here, only definitely not as curvy! So I pinned it all on her and tried to get some decent photos together. It more or less worked. it's not quite that glaring blue, but you get the idea of the shape. I think it will come together very nicely when I finish the sleeves and work on the collar. I'm so excited to finish this sweater before it gets too cold out!

It is knit with one strand of Blue Moon Woobu (Merino/Bamboo) in color Twilight and one strand of Peru dyed by me. I used to carry Peru, which is Alpaca/Merino/Silk, but I never liked how it dyed up. I saved about 2lbs to make a sweater for Blair, but never got around to it. Then Blair told me that he really prefers socks to sweaters, so I reclaimed the yarn for myself. I dyed it blue to go with the Woobu. It is so warm and squishy!
I thought I would also share an awesome trick I just learned for pinning a sweater together. I have seen this often from my friend Jill when she is showing people how to sew a seam together. She uses a long knitting needle and "sews" it along the seam, which holds it together so it can be sewn. I think of it as knitter's basting. I thought this same technique would work very well for trying my sweater on. I used regular coiless safety pins for the shoulders, then carefully "sewed" my side seams together with one of the longer cords of my addi clicks. It doesn't matter what size the needles are as long as they go through the fabric well. After I was finished I simply took the tips off and ta-da, I could try on my sweater!

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