Friday, August 12, 2011

Someone Else's Knitting part 2

This is the last project I have to share for awhile, but it is definitely a favorite of mine:

This is Kiwassa knit out of Superwash Sport on size #6US needles in color Purple Blackberry. It only takes one skein! I wore this shawl through all of Sock Summit and got many many compliments on it. I may need to block it again since it got a lot of use during the show. I'm so happy it held up so well. Shoulder shawls seemed to be the fashion thing to wear at Sock Summit. I saw a lot of people wearing them including vendors, teachers and shoppers!

Here is a close up of the shawl pin. It's an Plover Designs Aluminum Bead shawl pin. I wore a similar one throughout the show. It's a great light weight shawl pin. It didn't come out even once during the whole weekend, except when I wanted it to. It got a pretty good workout and still did its job. I love it! I'm now a shawl and shawl pin lover!

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