Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Someone Else's Knitting part 1

I think I mentioned awhile back I have some really awesome friends who are willing to be paid in yarn for knitting samples. So I thought I would share one of those projects today. 

This is Ivy. It is knit out of BFL Sock in color Moss. It uses 2 skeins. It was knit by my friend Paula. You can see her notes for it here on Ravelry.

Here is the back. You can really see the Ivy pattern.

Here is a close up of the pattern. Mmm...I just love it.

Lastly, here is the shawl pin I used to hold it all together. This is a Plover Designs Copper Leaf shawl pin. I think the copper stands out really well against the green. Leaves also go with leaves, so definitely a winning combination. Overall I am super happy with this project. You can see it in person at Oregon Flock & Fiber at the end of September!

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