Monday, June 13, 2011

New! Alpaca / Silk Roving

Introducing a new Roving to the collection:

This fiber is Alpaca/Silk. It is 70% Alpaca 30% Tussah Silk. It is very soft and luscious fiber. It comes in 3 different colors: Newsprint (shown above), Fawn, and Chocolate (shown below). I actually debuted this fiber at the Abernethy Grange Sale, but it all sold out. I just got it back in stock and I am super happy to now have it available in the shop.

I chose not to dye this fiber mainly because it comes in such beautiful natural colors. I love how this shows off the natural beauty of alpaca. Plus adding silk makes it very luxurious. The other reason is these fibers are very delicate. They hold up well by themselves, but I'm not sure they would hold up so well to the dyeing process. So I will happily sell them as themselves and try to keep myself from petting them all day!

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