Monday, June 20, 2011

Hurt Foot

Here is my current view:

I managed to twist my ankle yesterday and broke a bone in my foot. So I am laid up for a bit. Thankfully I have the most wonderful husband who is going to work from home this week and get us packed up for Black Sheep Gathering. I should hopefully have a hard cast by Wednesday. So if you are going to Black Sheep, make sure to stop by the booth and sign my cast! We will be in Room 3, booth #39, on the same row as Blue Moon and Dicentra.

I am thinking I might need to knit some kind of funky sock for over my cast for Sock Summit, if I still have it then!


LaVelle said...

Yvonne, on Ravelry there are several patterns for "cast socks" it is basically just the toe part of the sock to keep your toes warm or protected while wearing a cast. I will look for you at BSG. Do you play Black Sheep Bingo?

Lavendersheep said...

Yes, I am playing Black Sheep Bingo. I'm only going to be a square this year. I'm pretty sure I will be in my booth most of the time, so if I am on your card that's where I will be!