Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toe-Up! by Chrissy Gardiner (preorder)

One of the most exciting things I experienced at the Knit & Crochet Show was the chance to see the proof copy of Chrissy Gardiner's new Toe-Up Sock Book.

It was just incredible. The first part of it is filled with stories, tips & tricks by Chrissy. I didn't get a chance to read through them thoroughly, but I can't wait to get a closer look. Chrissy explains in part of this section how even she was a toe-up skeptic in the beginning and how she came to love toe-up socks.

Then the next section is filled with 15 different patterns that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. Now I am not totally sold on knitting socks toe up either, but the patterns in this book might just inspire me to try it out again. The pattern I am especially thinking of is the manly pair of toe-up socks knit out of worsted weight yarn. My husband just can't have enough handknit socks and this will be the perfect way to ensure they fit and I won't run out of yarn! Chrissy has also promised preview photos of some of the patterns before the actual release which I will make sure to post up here!

The last section of the book is a set of phenomenal worksheets. These worksheets help you to design and knit your very own custom toe-up socks. It walks you through step by step to create the toe-up socks of your dreams.

This book is definitely a must have! Chrissy will be debuting her book at Sock Summit at our booth. If you would like to preorder your very own copy it is now available in the shop. There are two great options for preordering. The first you can preorder and pickup your guaranteed copy in person at Sock Summit and have it signed right there by Chrissy herself! If you are not attending Sock Summit then the second option is a guaranteed copy which will be shipped out to you on August 15th when the book is released to the public. Make sure to place your order today!


Lorajean said...

I want this!! Can you put me down for getting one at ss? Thanks!

Lynne said...

I'd like to pick up a copy at SS09 as well.