Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Socks & Updates

Life has been a bit busy lately. I'm getting ready for the Knit & Crochet Show, which is keeping me on my toes. I have just about everything ready. Setup is on Thursday and I think it will really rock! I am sharing a booth with Gardiner Yarn Works. So in honor of that I have finished up 2 single socks for samples for the show:

First is the Nautilus Sock. It is knit from the toe up. The pattern comes with detailed instructions on how to do Judy's Magic Cast On and how to do a toe-up heel flap. It was my first time doing both and I managed them without too much difficulty. I think the only trouble I have with these socks is that they are a little bit tight. This is entirely my fault because the pattern recommends going up a needle size for the cables and I chose to ignore it. So, if you are going to make them yourself, don't forget to go up a needle size! The yarn I used is Superwash Sport in color Mountain Sunset.

The second sock I knit up as a sample is the Underwater Basketweaving Socks for my husband. I knit them out of Superwash Worsted in color Columbia River. I simply love them. I love how the yarn looks like a winding river with muddy banks, which is about what the Columbia looks like this time of year. I did have to size the pattern up a little bit because of his gigantic size 12 feet, but it was really easy to do. The pattern has a 4 stitch repeat, which made it very easy to find the right size. Once I got going they just flew off the needles, which is one of the many benefits of worsted weight yarn on size #3US. Now I just have to finish up the second sock so he can wear the pair (after all the shows are done this year, of course!).

This last week a group of friends and I went to Portland for a girls out shopping trip to a couple of yarn shops. We went to the Pendleton Mill End Store, which was gorgeous, Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks, where we also had a tasty lunch, and finally Yarnia. If you haven't been to Yarnia you should definitely check it out! There you get to mix and match different yarns to make your very own custom yarn! These are the yarns that I picked out. The yarn on the left is some that the owner had matched up that is Wool, Cotton, and Cashmere. I am thinking a very simple sweater for my husband or maybe something for me if there isn't enough yardage. The yarn on the right is some that I blended myself. It is Bamboo, Cotton, and Cashmere. I am thinking about a short sleeved top for summer. Both yarns are so nice. I just can't wait to start swatching and knitting!

Update #1: I am currently switching web hosts for my website. If everything goes well then there shouldn't be any down time. However, we all know how that really goes. So please know that if it goes down in the next week or so that is the reason why.

Update #2: The Shop will be closed during the Knit & Crochet Show, just so I won't double sell anything. Instead come and check out all of my pretty yarns at the show! It runs May 14th - May 17th! I will have 2 new yarns and a new colorway, which I will share with you guys next week when I am back!

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