Sunday, May 31, 2009

Smokey Autumn Socks

I was going through my photos and I realized that I hadn't posted about these socks yet.

I love them! I think this might be my new favorite sock! I knit them out of my Tencel Sock yarn in color Smokey Rose. The pattern is Gardiner Yarn Works Autumn in Oregon Socks. I have loved this pattern since it was first introduced, but I never could find the right yarn. One day I was inspired to dye up a skein of Tencel Sock yarn in Smokey Rose because I thought the combination would be just perfect. I think it worked out just great. The pattern is fun and interesting!

Here is the back. The front represents falling leaves and the back represents falling raindrops, which is the exact representation of Autumn here in Oregon! I actually took these photos while standing on one leg with the other leg up on the table while trying to hold the camera still. Sock blockers do not do these socks justice, so I had to picture them on a real human leg. Now I just need to cast on the second sock and finish up the pair! I am hoping to be able to wear them at Sock Summit in August!

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