Monday, March 30, 2009

Kauni Sweater: part 2: Swatching

So after I sketched and found as many ideas as possible I decided I would swatch out a little tube to see what the patterns looked like knit up. I chose a #4US. The yarn is a fingering weight and I know with colorwork I tend to knit a bit tighter, so I thought a #4US would be perfect.

Here is my swatch. I started randomly with two different colored ends. One thing I did notice was some of the patterns had a tighter gauge than others. Most of the patterns are balanced the only one that isn't is the very bottom one. This was a little experiment of my own just to see what the kauni would do with an unbalanced pattern. I really like it, but I think it is better suited to solid non-color changing yarns.

After swatching I took lots of pictures of the sample. Then I measured each section and took careful notes of stitches/inch and rows/inch. I also wrote down my thoughts at the time. For instance I noted which ones I thought would look good with the kauni yarn and which ones would look better with solids. That way if I ever decide to make another sweater with the designs I already have my thoughts and notes available.

Then I took my swatch out. Typically I would have liked to save my swatch. However, I have a limited amount of yarn. I am more concerned about running out of yarn since it has been years since I purchased it. I don't know whether I will be able to match the dyelot again, so I have to be careful with every bit of yarn!

Next time: picking a pattern and casting on!

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