Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And the Winner is...

#3 & #4 posts from the random number generator! Which are Teri and Davy Stevenson. I believe that both of you already have my email address. You have won a skein of my new sock yarn with the higher twist in the colorway of your choice! Just let me know what colorway you would like and I will dye it up for you! A big thank you to everyone who commented it was a lot of help!

I have now wound the new yarn into skeins and it is a tiny bit heavier than my old sock yarn. It ended up being 460 yards for 105 grams. I just love this yarn! I think it will take the dye quite well. Though I have decided that the new skeins will be released on the new website! Actually I have quite a few new things that I am going to put on the new site!

I have decided from your comments that I will close my etsy shop slowly. I will let the yarn that is already posted there either sell or expire. As soon as I have the new site up I will post an announcement on my etsy shop so that people will see it and hopefully transition well.

I am really excited about the new site! I have a couple of new yarns I want to introduce and some new ideas. Now the question is would you guys like me to save all the new changes for when the site goes live? or would you like to see some sneak previews?

I will leave you with this stealth photo that I took of a squirrel outside my window. Actually there were 2 of them, but the other one was much more skiddish! This one was completely brave and let me snap away at photos. There was a lid on the container, but it doesn't always snap shut on the back side, so they can get it off. Though this morning they completely knocked over the container and the bird's cage. My birdie is still alright. I just have to go and sweep the rest of the bird seed off the porch! I still haven't decided whether squirrels are cute or complete pests!

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knitseashore said...

Maybe one or two little previews??