Monday, February 18, 2008

11 1/2 Roses

So, my husband did the romantic thing and bought me roses and cute little gifts and cooked me dinner. Believe me I feel totally lucky to have such a wonderful guy! Here are the roses that he got for me:

Aren't they pretty? I love them! Though, wait, there are only 11 roses!

Ah, here's the extra one. When my husband unwrapped them to put them in the vase one was a little short! I kinda like having the little one. I am keeping it on my table next to my knitting chair. It makes me smile every time I look at it!

Ok, onto a less mushy subject, Knitting! I started this sweater for myself! I just have been feeling a bit busy lately and I decided that I needed to start a selfish project. That doesn't mean that I don't love knitting things for other people or for babies, believe me I love both! It's just that sometimes I need a little me time, where I do something that is entirely for myself! Besides this sweater makes me super happy. Any time I am feeling a little depressed I just have to knit a couple of rows on this and I am smiling again. This sweater is the Knitting Pure & Simple neckdown medium weight pullover #265 and I am knitting it out of my very own Superwash Worsted yarn in Color Dark Sugarplum Fairy. It is actually a cross between Berry Pie and Sugarplum fairy. It was also dyed when I was first dyeing and I didn't understand a whole lot about dyelots in handpainted yarn, so I am knitting 2 rounds out of one ball and 2 rounds out of a second. I think it is turning out pretty gorgeous. I love it!

I also did quite a bit of updating to the website. Check it out for all of the new goodies, including a review page!

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