Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Couple FOs & more to come

I have been busy as ever. My superwash sock yarn has finally come in, but that doesn't necessarily mean good news for my shop. I got 8 lbs, but all of it has a home already in various commissions. Though I do have a few skeins of knee-high that will probably go up after I get everything else done. Anyway, onto the finished objects:

I finished the bag for Shokay. I'm not sure if you can notice it, but it is a bit different from the original pattern. For one thing, I seem to not be able to read a chart. My chart to be exact! So, instead of starting it all over when I realized that I was halfway through the snowflake at the top of the chart, I decided that I would make the Shokay bag its very own design. I should have it posted up on my website in the next couple of days, time permitting. As for the Shokay yarn it is really soft, like cashmere. I also love the wonderful stitch definition it gives. Though, I didn't block it, so I'm not sure how fuzzy it will get after it is washed.

My second finished object isn't a knitted one at all. I have been experimenting with sewing. My mother is an expert seamstress, so I know I have those genes floating around in me somewhere. Though, probably not to the far reaching extent that my mother's go. So, I thought that I would make a couple of little baby dresses with matching little short pants (in case you haven't noticed, I am a total sucker for baby things right now). This is my first attempt and is going to a coworker of my husband's. The same one that got the bitty booties, but now they know that it will be a girl and that makes all the difference. My mother did look it over when I was nearly done and noticed that I only hemmed the skirt, instead of doing a rolled hem. So, I did a rolled hem on the shorts. She also told me that I am so good at knitting, why not stick with that and give up on sewing. I know she meant well, but it is a bit disheartening. I tend to see sewing as a bit of a challenge and a quick little break from all the knitting I do. It isn't like I do it all that often. Anyway, I am hoping that I will be able to get photos of the little one in it sometime this summer, since it is the 3 month size.

Ok, so some actual work in progress. Here is the Croisette Top. It is coming along nicely. I am already up to doing the back shaping. This is a super fast top to knit up. I probably have gotten all of this done in about 3 afternoons. I just love the colors and the croisette is really soft and fun to work with. The yarn is croisette in color Monet #203 and the pattern is Dovetail Designs Cap Sleeve Sweater.

In other news: I have joined Sockaplooza 4. I have been stalking The Blue Blog for some time now waiting for her to post it up. I had such fun last time with my pal Krafty1 that I just have to join up again this year. Now I just have to wait patiently until I get my new pal!


Bobbi said...

Well, your "old" pal still thinks that you are the "bee's knees".

Fyberduck said...

I think the outfit looks adorable, and how many parents can brag that they have a handmade set for their child? Good job! :D

Debby said...

You have been busy!! Your pink set looks wonderful to me. I think we all have to cut ourselves some slack, and remember that we're always going to struggle a bit when we're new to something, and can't get everything perfect the first try. That's how we learn (remembering first knitted scarf here....).

Thanks again for your help with my shawl question. I'll try it and let everyone know how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

HI! from you new secret sock pal!!!!