Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Alpaca lace, Silk, & Petite Silk, Oh my!

I have three new yarns to present today (they should be up in my shop soon)!

This is a super lovely alpaca lace yarn in Bad Girl, Chocolate Raspberry, & Provence. I just love it! I think that I am going to have to start a lace shawl this summer out of this pretty pretty yarn. It is 1275 yards for 4 oz.

This is a natural silk yarn in colors Espresso, Wild Violets, and Chocolate Raspberry. Natural silk is made from cocoons where the silk worm is allowed to develop into a moth. The yarn then has natural texture to it that is from the final cocoon. The yarn is like a soft, drapey cotton. It would be perfect for a lacy scarf, baby clothes, or a summer top. I think it might be interesting to make socks out of it, since it is a sock weight. Just think, silk socks! I'm just not sure if it would have too much drape for socks. I think I might have to use a skein for myself and try it out. It is 440 yards for 4 oz.

This is the natural silk petite yarn in Dragon Fire, Jeans, & Sea Turtle. It is the same as the natural silk, but in a finer gauge. It is made out of the same great environmentally friendly fiber as the regular natural silk. It too would be great for lace or finer gauge work. It is 660 yards for 4 oz.

So, why am I so interesting in lace weight lately? Well, KAH just got in Victorian Lace Today and I have been totally drooling over it. It is so gorgeous that I think I am going to have to buy it and have myself a summer of lace!

In Knitting News: I have started this lovely summer top for Knot Another Hat. It is made out of croisette Color #203, which is a super springy, soft yarn. I love it a lot and it is in my favorite colors. The best part, though, is that it is in size 11s and I got this far in a single afternoon!

In other shop news: Abbie Road has created a blog that features etsy items, much like the treasury on etsy, only it lasts for more than 2 days. She has chosen my Americana Superwash/Tencel yarn for her feature on the grand ol' red, white, & blue.


ahousefullofboys said...

I absolutely HEART with a capital YEAH HOO! the Espresso color. Hmmm. I feel a new project starting.. hehehe

Karen said...

It's all beautiful! I need to plow through more projects so I can have more time to play with new stuff!

knitseashore said...

Gorgeous Yarns. I went to your Etsy shop in my afternoon, pre-tea low blood sugar weakness, and fell in love with Rosebud. I can't wait to make the headband, and I love the bathing suit bag too, but must show some sort of restraint.

Hope you are well and enjoying spring!