Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Button Me Up!

Yesterday I went off to the Button Emporium in Portland with Sarah, Nicole & Julia (who are both blogless, sorry!).

Nicole set up a special appointment for us to be able to go on a Monday, since they are normally closed that day. This is my button haul. Some of it will be used for some secret projects I am working on currently and some will be used for some projects in the future. I think that it is just as important to have a button stash as it is to have a yarn stash.

After spending around 2 hours in the button emporium we headed off to The Yarn Garden. It is an alright yarn shop, but after our sensory overload from all of those buttons none of us could totally appreciate it. I think each one of us ended up getting our own koigu, but then who can resist that? This is the color I chose and will be added to my ever growing sock yarn stash.


Emma said...

Beautiful Koigu choice. But really, how could you go wrong?

Jewels said...

That little sheepie button is AWESOME...so cute.

Debby said...

Bellamoden posted a photo today on her blog of her button collection. You are both making me want to start collecting them! It sounds like you had a fun time.

penny said...

a button stash is *very* important. it is a legacy. of course my mum can't find hers... those are awesome buttons. i love the sheep!!

and wait for NYC for button/accessory overload... :D (er, just sensory overload in general if you don't live here and are jaded beyond belief)

Tina T-P said...

Looks like you had a fine time - I have to tell my friend Leigh about your sheepy buttons - she just finished a "rare Breeds Sweater" where each little sheep is knitted out of the type of wool from that sheep - very cute - You have to see it! http://leighsfiberjournal.blogspot.com/2007/04/rare-breed-sweater-home-stretch.html

I was just noticing that you liked Lorena McKennitt - she is coming to Bellingham to the Mt. Baker Theater next month and a friend called yesterday to tell us she is giving us her tickets! Whoowee - what a gift, huh.

Hope you are doing well. :-) T.

Yarn Thing said...

Wonderful choice of color! Can never have enough sock yarn!


Hey, noticed that you are a podcast listener...will you have a listen to mine and let me know what you think? Thanks!