Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sneak Preview

I was hoping that on Friday I would have posted up all the lovely stuff that I had dyed, but it isn't quite dry yet, so I will have to post it on Monday. I can't do it tonight, because my husband and I are going off to a Blazer's game for Loops n Hoops. Yay!!!

So, instead I am going to give you a sneak preview of some of the stuff I am hoping to do for the shop in the near future:

My first plan is to release this lovely twist yarn. It just takes the dye so beautifully, I love it. The only thing holding me back from putting it in my shop is I am designing a little pattern for it.

Here is the very beginning of the pattern. I am just so excited with how it is knitting up and how very soft it is. I think I might actually have to keep this one for me.

Next up I am going to design a lightweight scarf pattern for summer. Something a little exciting that is light enough to wear on those warm summer nights.

Out of the same ribbon I want to design super fast and easy headbands for summer wear. I have a really awesome idea for a headband that would look really cute and be a lot of fun to make. I have also thought about making bathing suit bag out of this yarn, what with it being 100% supersoft nylon. What do you guys think?

I still have some other yarns that I will be experimenting with as soon as I get my order. Still no word on my sock yarn, but the sock yarn I do have will definitely go up on Monday.

As an added bonus I will give you this: If you are a huge Shaun the sheep fan, like I am, you have to check out New Shaun the Sheep TV Show. Thanks to Krafty1 for the awesome link!!!


knitseashore said...

Please tell me about the yarn in photo #3! Is this the nylon yarn? There are two pretty colorways I like, but on my monitor I can't see it well enough to know what kind of yarn it is, or what pattern I might use it with.

Beautiful yarn!!

Mims said...

gorgeous yarn, but i'm really writting to say that i can't believe i didn't see you at the blazers game! (i am such a dork i would have had no problem accosting you in public.) i hope you had as much fun as we did, a basketball ball where my husband couldn't give me crap about knitting in public and free yarn to boot-- can life get any better?!

by the way, last night i started swatching up some yarn of yours i bought at knot another hat in october. i wanted to make dashing from the new issue of knitty but i can't get the right gauge so i'm just going to make up the pattern as i go!