Saturday, March 03, 2007

I Dye Yarn by the Mountains

I just discovered the blog She Knits by the Seashore, because she has left a couple of comments on my blog. What is really cool about her blog is that her husband has Crohn's Disease like I do. What is even more cool is that her husband is participating in a bicycle race called Get Your Guts in Gear that helps raise money for Crohn's research. Also, their cat, Charlie, has Crohn's Disease and has volunteered to be a spokescat for their drive to raise money, he can explain it much better than I can, so here is where you can find more about it. I think it is really awesome and I am hoping that I can save a bit of money so that I can put it towards their cause.

Then to show that I actually do dye yarn by the mountains, this is the lot that went down to Knot Another Hat yesterday. It is all hanging very prettily at the shop, which makes me very happy. I do have a bit of yarn for my Etsy shop, but I am going to hold off for a couple of days before posting it. I have a couple of ideas for patterns for my yarn that I want to write up and post when I post the yarn. Also, I am going to do a bit of sock yarn dyeing for the shop as well. I don't have regular skeins, but think knee high sock yarn instead.

I do have a bit of other shop news as well. I have made the decision that because I am now selling my yarn through 3 different venues and the added cost because of the wool shortage I am raising my 100 gram sock yarn up to $18 a skein. All of my other prices will remain the same.

Finally, I do have some very good news. The Entrelac Scarf is done completely. I last left off when I blocked it. Well, after I blocked it I gave it a single crochet border. This took up quite a bit of the scarf and it did pull in a little by the time I was done. So, I blocked it again. I just love it when things are nice and neat and all blocked. This picture is to give you an idea of just how long it is against me and my 5'5" glory.

This is how she is likely to wear it. Other than I think this was wrapped loosely around 3 times and she plans on wrapping it only twice. I do think that it will be very nice and warm. I like it enough that I am going to finish off the pattern for this in the sidebar so that those of you that want an entrelac scarf/shawl of your own can have one. I think I am also going to post a pattern of a smaller scarf that is 6" x 60" for those of you that would like a regular sized scarf. I think that is all the news I have to report today. I hope everyone out there is staying warm and dry and getting lots of knitting done.


Karen said...

The finished scarf is lovely. WooHoo, it's done!!!

Bobbi said...

Fantastic! The scarf is finished! Good job!

The dye job looks grand and your prices are still well within reason. Attagirl!!!

knitseashore said...

Your scarf looks lovely! I admire those who can do entrelac. I tried to do a little heart from IK once and it drove me a little crazy. :)

Thank you for mentioning my site. I discovered yours when I did a search on Crohn's a little while ago, and I'm amazed to see how many folks battle this disease. Please don't feel obligated to donate to the ride, unless you really want to -- just wanted you to know there are others out there who support you, and awareness of Crohn's/Colitis is growing, which is great. There is going to be a Seattle ride, I think in August, but I'm not sure how close that is to you. Hope you are feeling well!

penny said...

YAY!! :) Beautiful.

Tammy said...

Beautiful scarf!! We are staying warm and dry down here in Beaverton!! It has been dry for 3 days now, and it must have hit 70 today!! At least the car temp on the outside said it was!! Boy it felt good.

ahousefullofboys said...

Vonnie, It turned out fabulously. I bet you are pleased to be done with that project and on to more fun knitting for you enjoyment.

Sarah said...

Yeah....about that yarn you brought to the shop? Um, it's not hanging nice and prettily anymore. In fact, it's almost all gone. I sold about half of it yesterday, on its 2nd day on display...sorry. I need more. Now. That won't be a problem, right?

So Much Fun said...

that is huge! and it must feel so good to be done, it is amazing!