Saturday, January 14, 2006

Woodland Woolworks

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Woodland Woolworks? I really really do love them! They are an awesome company and so very very friendly. Well, I have wanted a Lendrum for awhile now, because my wheel isn't very portable and the Lendrums are very portable. I tried very hard to go to The Woolery for them, because I was told that they would be the very best deal I could find. So, I put my order in, but come to find out, they are backordered into March, so I wouldn't be able to get my wheel until then. I was disappointed over this for a bit, but then my Wool Rag (a newsletter from Woodland) came and they had Lendrums set up in pretty much the same setup as what I wanted, but I thought that it would be like $5 more. So, I figured at least I would get it right away and not have to wait. he he he I was wrong. I made sure to put one on reserve, and today my parent's decided why not go and get it today instead of waiting until the 21st. So, I got my wheel, which is a double-treadle regular Lendrum, as you can see in the pics. It came with a very pretty bag (at half price), a noste pinne (which is used to wind center-pull balls of yarn), and a bottle of oil. On back order is the fast flyer, the plying head, and the gauge winder that allows you to wind around at increments and find out wraps-per-inch (WPI). I am so excited! And what is more I paid $30 less than if I had waited and gone to The Woolery. It has been a very good day for me.

In other things, I would have a very lovely pic of my latest knitting project up, but for some reason I managed to not transfer the first 15 pics off of my camera onto my computer. Then, magically, I decided to wipe my camera without checking to make sure they were all off of there. It nearly made me cry, because it also got my beautiful pictures of the dye party I had with my husband. I will post what I have tomorrow, when I have a little time again. That and I want to take pics in the daytime, when the colors are better. Ok, so that is all for now. G'night =)

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