Monday, January 12, 2015

Baby Shower

My cousin is going to have a baby in another month or so. It's a second baby, so no official baby shower. Instead I made her a few things, so the new baby will feel special too.

First up, a nice pair of felted clogs (rav link) to keep her feet nice and toasty during her hospital stay.

For the bottoms I used puff paint to create some traction patterns. No slipping on those hospital floors!

Then for the baby I knit Helena (rav link) and a baby bonnet (rav link) out of Tosh DK in color Posy. I love this yarn so much! My daughter does too. I might just have to get some more and whip out some super cute girly things. For Helena, I ended up adding one extra repeat. I thought the chest measurement of 19.25" was a bit much, especially since my 2 year old has a 20" chest! This way it will get a lot more use! I also added buttons instead of doing the ties, because I like them better. 

For the bonnet, I pretty much followed the pattern. Other than for the ties I CO 50 sts, picked up around the hat as specified by the pattern, then CO another 50 sts. Then I loosely BO all the stitches. It saves sewing in 2 ends, which makes it worthwhile to me!

I finished Helena before the new year and the bonnet on New Year's day, making this my last project of last year and the first project for the new year! Now I just need to share with you all of the Christmas knitting and we will wrap up 2014!

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