Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mom's Ocean Shawl

The shawls actual name is Nymphalidea (rav link). It is named for a butterfly wing. While I agree the pattern does look like a butterfly I wanted to make it out of blue and white like the ocean for my mom now that she is living in Hawaii.

I really love how it turned out! The blue yarn is by Trendsetter and claims on the tag to be 100% mink. I personally think it has a little silk in it to keep the fibers together. I got it last fall when I went to Seattle. I thought it was fitting because my mother grew up outside of Seattle and her grandparents raised mink. So it is a mink stole! The white is some of my Cashmere Blend (MCN) Sock yarn. Both mixed together nicely and the shawl is super soft. Just perfect for wrapping around one's shoulders on a cool Hawaiian evening. 

Here it is out blocking. The shape is really interesting to me, like a wingspan. I can see a couple different ways to wear it. I believe my mother will probably hang it on the wall over the corner of a picture or something. She always finds fun ways to display shawls and scarves.

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