Monday, August 11, 2014


I'm so happy to introduce my new yarn: MIU Superwash Merino Sock:

What makes this yarn super special to me is that it is all made in the US, hence MIU = Made in USA. It is grown and milled in North Dakota. How cool is that? It was really hard for me to part with my old sock yarn base, which was from the UK. However, I couldn't pass up the chance of making an all American yarn for, honestly not that much more money than the original. The yarn is a tiny bit bigger and fluffier than the previous yarn, so I increased skein size to 4oz (114 grams) instead of 100 grams, so you get at least 400 yards per skein. The new yarn retails for $22 per skein, which I think is very reasonable. 

I have a new project in the works for this yarn, which I can't wait to share with you! It's super secret, so that's all I can say for now! =)

If you are looking for my previous Superwash Sock base, there are still a few skeins on the sale page!

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