Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pin it!

I love Pinterest. So far it is my favorite social media site. I actually start each morning looking at pins to start my day out in a creative way. Even if I never end up using the ideas it starts my brain working towards being creative.

The other thing I recently started was a board for my son. So we look at Pinterest together. He can post whatever he wants to his board as long as 1. he can identify it and 2. he actually likes it. So far I have learned about my son some things that I already know, such as him liking trains, castles, fish, and cookies. Some new things I have learned are that he likes woolly cabled sweaters and pictures of smiling girls. He is adamant about the things that go on his board too. So if you would like to follow his board for an eclectic assortment of things a 3 year old boy likes you can follow it here:
If you would like to see all of my boards you can find them here:

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