Wednesday, December 04, 2013

It's Hip to be a Square!

I feel like I am in a story telling mood lately. Anyway, not too long ago I changed my website's cart so you could checkout with either Google Checkout (which became Wallet) and Paypal. Recently, I had to change it back. I personally have never had an issue with Paypal. Though I have read plenty of stories online from people who have. I know lots of people who prefer not to use Paypal either. I probably get 1-2 orders a month from people who don't want to use Paypal. So, I know I need to have more options than just Paypal.

Well, a few months ago, Google decided to no longer offer Google Wallet for people selling physical goods. In my case, that's pretty much my whole shop. It can still be used if I wanted to sell apps...which doesn't really work in my case. So, at first, my cart provider said they would be implementing a change so another service would be available besides Paypal. This did not materialize. To be fair, this was a free service, so I'm not too surprised. Anyway, I was left with the option to continue using the new cart, but with Paypal only. However, the benefits of using Paypal Cart buttons outweighed using the 3rd party service. After all, either way, the only checkout option was Paypal. Sigh...Like I said, I'm fine with Paypal, but this definitely has made my life more complicated.

Thankfully, my story has a happy ending. I was contacted by Square. As in the same people who I, and many other vendors, run credit cards through at shows! They have created their very own marketplace. So, I am slowly, but surely, adding all of my items on there. Their fees are the same as if I run a credit card at a show, which is very reasonable. They also show items out of stock as soon as they are sold if there is only one, so it doesn't have to wait for me to update it! Yay! So, I will maintain both stores. The website will continue to have Paypal for checkout and the Square Store offers up a great alternative!

The only downside is it's currently only available in the US. Though, Paypal is still international! I also accept checks and money orders through the mail and phone orders. Check out the website for more details!

Right now I only have yarn and fiber posted in the Square Store. I'm working on the rest! If there is anything you would love to see up there right away, please let me know by leaving a comment here or emailing me at lavendersheep (at) gmail (dot) com. I'll be happy to add it!

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