Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Ok, I admit that two balls of yarn already wound and ready to go is too much for me to resist. So I started the first section of Robin as a swatch. 

Boy am I glad that I did! As you can see the brown of the Dark Roast blends right in with the Mountain Sunset. Who knew? That's what swatching is for! So I thought about it and I have been seeing some striking combinations of natural white with pinks and reds. So I got out a skein of natural and balled it up.

It doesn't look like much with the two balls, but high contrast is the key!

I knit some more and ta-da, much better! In fact if you would like Natural as your color of choice, just write "natural" in the form when you purchase your kit and I will happily add it. I have lots of all of the yarns available. I love it! I can't wait to knit more! This shawl is amazing and definitely addictive to knit!

Knit a long starts next Wednesday, August 21st!

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