Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Robin: A Knit-a-Long

I am really excited to introduce 2 new things. The first is a new super soft and squishy Superwash Sport 2 yarn base. This stuff is so wonderful and round. It is the baby sister version of my Superwash Worsted. If you have knit with the worsted then you know how wonderful the sport version is! I know it is going to be great for socks, baby things, and lastly shawls...

That brings me to my other new introduction...Robin by Lee Meredith, who is a local designer out of Portland.

Isn't it beautiful? It reminds me of butterfly wings. The best part is you can knit it out of just about any yarn (fingering through bulky) and at any gauge. 

I have my yarn all picked out. It is my new Superwash Sport 2 in colors Mountain Sunset (pink) and Dark Roast (brown). As I wound these balls up it got me thinking, I should do a knit-a-long for the shawl with prizes and everything! I have started a thread on Ravelry for it. You can use any yarn base you like. I have all of them up in the shop as kits, with a 10% discount on the yarn. I'm thinking cast on day will be August 21st, 2 weeks from today, so you can even place a custom order and get your yarn in time to cast on! Then the deadline will be Oregon Flock and Fiber September 28-29th so everyone local can show them off in person. Of course if you want to start late or you end up finishing late, that's ok too!

Need inspiration for color combinations? Here are a few in the new Superwash Sport 2. From top to bottom:

  • Tulip Garden and Moss
  • Wind Chill and Berry Pie
  • Hibiscus and Dark Roast
  • Bumblebee and Mountain Sunset
So many possibilities! Let me know if you want to join in on the fun! I'll be hosting the knit-a-long here and over on Ravelry!

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