Monday, November 26, 2012

X Hoody

Here is more knitting! I have decided, with how busy I am, I am going to work on only one project at a time for awhile. Well at least until I have a few items off the list and then I might double up again. I actually prefer 2 active projects usually. One complicated project for when I watch tv and one simple project for when I am social. Right now it is simple projects all the way with lots of stockinette!

For instance, I am knitting this hoody (rav link) for my son out of Madelintosh DK. I love the colors and I love the yarn! The main color is Happiness, which I think is an exclusive at Happy Knits in Portland. I'm not quite sure, but I haven't seen it at my LYS, so that's my guess. The pattern is a Debbie Bliss and only goes up to 18 months, but her patterns tend to run wide and short, so I am using it anyway. My son is 2 1/2, but tall and skinny. The sweater is supposed to be a bit baggy, in the skater style. So I took measurements off a t-shirt which fits him the way I want the sweater to fit. So far so good. I'll take another measurement when I get to the sleeves. Hopefully it will still fit him by the time I get it done!

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