Monday, November 19, 2012

Link Scarf

My needles have been busy! Well I've been busy too. What with 2 busy kids, organizing classes for the CGFF (there are some really good ones), organizing returning vendors, preparing for new vendors, setting up advertising, putting things on sale on the website, and prepping for Thanksgiving, I have definitely been busy. So here is something I can actually show you:

I finished a scarf for my grandmother (rav link). The yarn is Link by Berrocco. It's a super bulky i-cord yarn. It suggests using 35US needles and it means it! I thought I would be fine with my 17USs, but I wasn't. I trudged through the scarf and it was very tight and hurt my hands. I don't plan on ever knitting with this yarn again, but if I did I would use a pair of 35USs. Still, I know my grandmother will love it for Christmas. Her smile and thanks all make it worthwhile. 

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