Friday, June 01, 2012

Maternity Leave!

Happy June! It's getting down to the wire, so I thought I would start my maternity leave a little bit early. Mostly because I'm not going to make it to Black Sheep this year. However, my lovely friend and booth partner Donna of Plover Designs is going! So most of the yarn and fiber is going with her! We are delivering it this weekend, so I'm taking it all out of the shop. Whatever yarn & fiber is left I will ship. Patterns, shawl pins, and stitch markers are still available, but for the time being the shop is fairly bare. I'm actually going to take this opportunity to upgrade the website a little bit. So the shop will be up and fully stocked sometime in late July / early August, if all goes according to plan! Though, no custom orders until September!

Of course, I will try to keep the blog updated with progress reports and lots of knitting! I still have plenty to share with you! Thanks!

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