Monday, September 26, 2011

Oregon Flock & Fiber 2011

This year's Oregon Flock & Fiber was very exciting. It was great catching up with friends and seeing everyone for the last show of the year (at least for me). Lots of things happened like my friend LoraJean of Knitted Wit asked me to watch her booth while she chased down a shoplifter. She managed to confront the thief and get her yarn back! Way to go LoraJean!

The weather was also really crazy this weekend. On Saturday it was sunny, hot, and muggy. Our booth was right in the sun which made for a slightly uncomfortable day. Then on Sunday it was cold and misty in the morning. Then in the afternoon it turned into a sudden downpour. I got this video of the rain:

From Instant Upload

We could see the sheet of rain as it came towards us. We saw the cloud and thankfully pulled everything into the center of the booth before it came down. It went like this for probably 10-15 minutes then stopped just as abruptly. Then it rained steadily for the rest of the afternoon, stopping just in time for take down. What a huge contrast to the day before! I'm definitely happy to home safe and sound and out of the weather!

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