Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thumbs Up!

I finished a sample for my Hood River Top Down Mitts before we headed to the coast. As you can see I am catching up on all my knitted things!

I love this pattern and this yarn. I knit out of Superwash Worsted in color Mountain Sunset. One skein will make a lovely pair of mitts up past your elbow! I will also say that they are very toasty warm and comfortable.

I thought I would also take a moment and discuss the thumb. I have noticed a couple of comments about the thumb on Ravelry and I thought I would address them here. In order to do the thumb from the top down you have to cast-on stitches to make the hole for the thumb. In my pattern I recommend using a backwards loop cast on, but if you are more comfortable using a cable or knit-on cast on, then by all means do so!

There is also one other way to do the thumb. I read that some people like to have a longer thumb. I like a shorter thumb, so this wasn't an issue for me. However if you like have a longer thumb, the solution is simple. Use a provisional cast on for the cast on for the thumb. Then when you are finished with the mitts go back and take out the provisional cast on and knit in pattern for a few rounds, until it is as long as you like. I recommend picking up a stitch or two from the hand to avoid any gaps where the thumb and hand meet.

Also, as with any of the patterns I design or sell, please feel free to email me if there is a question or a problem with a pattern. I am more than happy to help with any issue.

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dacg said...

Wow sure could've used these this winter...they are great!!!!