Saturday, September 04, 2010

Pansy Patch Revisited

Ok, I have a little backstory to the yarn I am presenting today. A couple of years ago I had somebody order yarn in colors I wouldn't have personally put together. However, figuring that the customer knew what they wanted I went ahead and dyed up the order. Upon receiving the order the customer then returned all of it because they didn't like it, which made me very sad. Thankfully I was able to put most of it in the sale bin and clear it all out. The last bit of it was this lovely Pansy Patch on Alpaca Lace:

The colorway is happy and springy and the yarn is simply wonderful, being 100% alpaca. However, the 2 together are simply awful. No amount of discounting made this yarn appealing. So I was looking at it and I thought what it really needs is to be overdyed. I wonder what would happen if I overdyed it with blue? I figured I had nothing to lose, and at the very worst I could overdye it all black if it came out awful. Here are the results:

Now that is more like it! These colors fit much better with the yarn and would look lovely knit into a lace shawl. There are 3 skeins, which I have kept at the sale price, as a limited edition colorway. They are available here! If they haven't sold I'll have them at Oregon Flock & Fiber.

Speaking of which, between Oregon Flock & Fiber and our trip to Ireland I am going to be pretty busy. So any order made between September 23rd and October 17th will be shipped out October 18th. There is plenty of time between here and there to get your orders in. The shop is pretty well stocked and I'm adding more everyday!

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Donna said...

Yeah! I love the over-dye. You are a genius.