Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Sky

Wow! This week has been a busy one. On top of the normal busyness my husband dropped that we might be traveling to Dublin, Ireland sometime this fall. So a slight panic happened as we both tried to figure out details like passports and such. I, of course, have been spending my time looking up things like yarn shops and good place to eat while over there. We won't have the final ok until next week, but I am still pretty excited about the possibility.

Ok, so onto shop news:

I have been able to put baby X into the baby bjorn and dye yarn. There are lots of new additions all over the shop, but I thought I would point this one out especially. This is the Tencel Sock Yarn in Summer Sky, which I knit the Birch Scarf out of a couple of months ago. I weighed the scarf and it came in at literally 2 grams under the weight of a regular skein, meaning that only one skein of this lovely yarn will make one lovely Birch scarf. You can find the pattern for sale in the shop here too.

I also have it dyed up just in time for Oregon Flock and Fiber! I will definitely be there with the lovely ladies from Gardiner Yarn Works. I am so looking forward to it!

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Tammy said...

Dublin is awesome! There was one yarn shop I found, though I am sure there are more. The yarn selections though over there are less to be desired. Mostly acrylic, though the yarn store I made it to is very much like the ones we have here. If I know what area you might be staying in, I can give you some ideas for food that we liked. And I'll send you the map someone gave me for yarn shops.