Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So, keeping with the theme of home improvements, we got a new dishwasher!

Not exactly a planned expense, but a necessary one. As my husband put it, we had just settled on getting a new washer & dryer when the dishwasher thought otherwise. Blair was doing dishes on Saturday and realized that the load from the night before hadn't run. He thought at first that maybe the timer hadn't worked, so he started it again. It sounded kinda weird. We could hear the pump, but not any water swishing around. He checked and sure enough, no water. We aren't entirely sure what went wrong with it, but since we had already spent money on a new part for it before, we decided its time had come. So I got onto Consumer Reports (which is worth every penny) and did research while Blair made breakfast. We called up Sears and ordered a new one that needed to be picked up in Portland. We called up my parents, who thankfully were willing to come and help us! Yay!

Oh, and when we went to take the old dishwasher out we learned that it wasn't properly grounded. Let's just say water + electricity = bad. My dad is an electrician, so thankfully the new one is now properly installed. The new one is in the photo above. We love it! It is a Kenmore 1374, just in case you are in the market for a new dishwasher. It's much quieter than our old one and has all the nifty features to keep my techie husband happy. Overall we are much much happier with the upgrade to our kitchen!


Lorajean Kelley said...

Thanks for doing the research for me! We have one that runs but it's not water efficient that I know of. I don't know, maybe we'll just wait till it actually breaks. I just wish I had a little more confidence in it's ability. What we really need is a new stove. Our oven made a funny noise a few uses ago. The bag two burners are dead. Oh the joys of owning a house!

penny said...

It appears a TREND not to properly ground dishwashers. *sigh* glad you have an electrician in the family too (mine isn't certified but our certified master electrician said he was good) and that you are now properly grounded and with a new one. Not a fun unexpected expense, but ...