Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Bunnies All the Time Around Here...

That's right! They are even very happy bunnies!

I took my little Soot to the vet yesterday just to get her all checked out since she was more or less a wild bunny. She wasn't so happy about going to the vet, but plenty happy to be home. I forgot to mention that I named her Soot. She is named after the soot sprites from the Miyazaki films, because she is a black fluff ball. The vet also said that she was a girl, but with no guarantees. If boy parts appear then she is a he, but I won't know that for a couple of months. I also found out that she is a very healthy rabbit and the vet gave me lots of tips on how to take care of her and keep her healthy.

Speaking of bunnies, do you remember the bunny hat I made for Mim's baby? She sent me an action shot! Isn't it just the cutest? Mims said that she gets compliments whenever it is worn. So I definitely recommend knitting this hat! The picture was taken by Mims and is used with permission. I love how she matches the bunny in the picture. So cute!

In other news: I have a question for my lovely readers. I have been thinking about taking on some patterns that are paper only. Which do you prefer paper or .pdf for your knitting patterns?


teabird said...

Sometimes I really prefer paper - my printer isn't always cooperative with .pdf files!

The bunny is adorable, but not as adorable as the baby!

Penny said...

Soot is soo cute (as is the baby). Glad to hear she's a happier healthy bunny.

As for paper or PDF, it depends.

I'm really picky about how patterns are laid out so I often prefer PDF's b/c I'll rework them to make them fit my working style, yet I can still retain a pristine copy that I can find with relative ease. (My electronic "folders/shelves" are much neater than my hard-space ones). For exampleI actually prefer about a 5x8 (~A5)size .. I print most of the "lighter" patterns 2-up and duplex.

Lace with charts gets letter or legal sized treatment.

I also write all over my patterns so it's nice to be able to print out the part I'm working on now and know that I have a legible copy for later. I photocopy a working copy of whatever I'm working on if I only have it in book form.. Since it's generally destroyed by the time I'm done anyway, I don't worry about copyright violations. However, with a single sheet paper copy of a pattern, I worry I'd forget and just take that lone copy and scribble all over and fold it and run it through my WIP wringer ...

I think that it would be nice to offer a print copy though. I've had people buy for me someone's pattern online and then after *they* received the PDF, email it to me, so I'm not quite sure how the design owner feels about it. I feel a bit iffy on it even though I doubt the purchaser would ever knit the pattern and it was purchased with the intent that I would. I've never checked what that designer's policy is, but I feel that terms were violated.

However, I'd be curious to try paper. Will they come in protective plastic for a 3-ring binder? or will they be tabloid sized and a 4 (or more) page booklet, or ? Will you have to print them? What type of paper?

So, after the long winded answer the short one: I'm willing to give 'em a go.

Lavendersheep said...

I think the format would depend upon the specific designer.

However if the pattern didn't come with a plastic coversheet I most certainly would put them in one. I believe completely in protecting one's patterns.