Monday, October 13, 2008

Oregon Coast Yarn Shops - part 2

Continuing Part 2 of the yarn reviews. By the way, if you would like to find all of these yarn shops I used Knit Map to find them all. You can also use Ravelry!

Manzanita -T-Spot Yarn, Teas and Chocolates
This shop was really cute. It was a little out of our way in the small town of Manzanita. On top of yarn they carried chocolate and loose leaf tea in one corner. They had a lot of really nice yarns and the service was wonderful. I wasn't there when the owner was there, but it sounds like she has a pretty creative mind. She had knit an entire dress out of tape from an old cassette! This shop is a brand new shop. Across the street there used to be a shop called Bad Woman Yarns. The owner decided to retire and close her shop. However she was very influential in opening up this new shop, which I thought was really cool. I ended up buying the book Wool Pets. I have long admired the Wool Pets Shop on Etsy, but just couldn't decide on a particular kit to buy. The book solves this because it has most of her most popular patterns in it. I have plenty of fiber on hand. So when I get a spare moment I may work on a couple of these. I think I might just need a purple sheep!

Tillamook - Cordelia Yarns
This yarn shop was another blend of shops. It was part yarn shop, part antique store. I'm not sure that I would have otherwise bought a lot of yarn there because they mostly carried Cascade yarns, which my LYS has in abundance. Although they could have carried more brands and I would have never known. This poor shop has lost its lease and is going out of business. The yarn, that had already been discounted, was an additional 30% off. I bought everything in the picture for about $50, which is crazy cheap. It is 8 balls of Cascade Superwash, a sweater stone, and a cute pattern I have long admired. I would have felt worse for finding such a good deal if the owner had been sad about it. She, however, seemed very cheerful. She was excited to have more free time to knit and spin and quilt. She is on her way to the next big adventure. She also was preparing for a gallery show of her quilts, I believe. I didn't get details, unfortunately. I believe that she will be open until the last of the month. There was still plenty of Cascade 220, but I think I got all but 2 balls of the superwash!

Tillamook - Latimer Textile Museum
The owner of Cordelia's Yarns recommended that I go visit the Latimer Textile Museum. I am really glad that I did! We were too late the first day because Blair wanted to visit the Air Museum, which was a fun guy treat. So we came back the next day and toured all over the museum. The lady there was really nice. They have it divided into 3 sections, there is a loom room with looms (of course!) and spinning wheels, a quilt room, and a back exhibition hall with their latest show. If I was in the area I would definitely get a membership there! As it is I might go back and teach a workshop and definitely visit the next time I am at the coast. They didn't really have any yarn for sale, but they did have some handmade items that were on consignment. They also had a selection of books. I got a couple of books for my mother on dating fabric. She has a few family heirloom quilts that these books will help her to identify.

Oregon Coast 2008

For more photos of our trip and our adventures, make sure to check out my photo album! There are a lot of photos of the beach as well as the Tillamook Cheese Factory, more of the Latimer Textile Museum, and a few other things.


Tammy said...

You go girl on finding all these great shops. We were just in Tillamook last Monday. If I had known there was a shop there, I would have at least stopped to see if they were open. I've always wanted to go to the Latimer Textile place too, but they are never open when we drive by. I guess I need to try to do a day trip this month. It takes us about an hour to get to Tillamook, so not too bad at all.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a great get-away. Hans and I have done the same girl-guy thing. Stopping to see the hanger and then onto Latimer. We do have to give into their "fix" once in awhile. See you on Tuesday...bring your loot! Teri

knitseashore said...

Lucky girl -- great yarn shops and a great biking community!!!! I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...


This is Olga from T-SPOT yarn, tea and chocolate shop in Manzanita. Thanks for the mention!

Enjoy your needle felting. You are opening a can of worms, you know, once you felt two bunnies, they sort of take over your whole house with more and more and more felting projects :)

I love your fibers, by the way. Hope to meet in person some day!