Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Items!

First off I need to introduce you to my friend Erika a little better. I know I already mentioned her in this post. Erika is simply amazing! I taught her how to knit and she took right to it and then I taught her to spin and she was spinning beautiful fine thread in no time! She is also amazing to shop with. She just loves the finest fibers like cashmere, silk, angora, etc... Then she actually buys them, because why work with anything less than the best?

Then she started making Stitch Markers. They are all incredible. She uses semi-precious stones and real silver rings. I haven't seen any others that even compare to the quality and craftsmanship that she puts into these.

So, then one day I was talking about having a booth at Oregon Flock and Fiber and how I would love to sell her stitch markers there. We both thought this was a great idea. After the show I offered to sell them on the website and at the same time she was going to ask me if I would sell them on my website! So it worked out well for both of us! Make sure to check them all out! This set is one of my favorites. It is a set of 7 stitch markers made from lace agate and silver rings.

Lastly, I have one other awesome product to share with you! This is Lavender Sheep Soap made by Spinning Ginny. I started out with about 10 bars at OFFF and they simply flew out the door. I am down to only 2 now! They are a goats milk soap with lavender fragrance and real grade 1 lavender buds. I think it is just perfect for keeping the yarn eating beasties away from the stash and making it smell really nice too. Of course it can also be used for its intended purpose of washing things up!

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