Friday, August 29, 2008

Dye Party v2.0

That's right, two dye workshops in two weeks! I must say that the first one definitely made the second one run much more smoothly. I had everything ready and didn't forget a single thing!

Here are some of the ladies applying dye to their yarn! The ladies took it in turns between snacking on hors d'oeuvres, drinking wine & raspberry lemonade, and dyeing yarn.

Here is one of the skeins of yarn all ready to go into the dye pot. I like to call these cinnamon rolls because the yarn is wrapped and then rolled like this to steam. The steaming is the last step and it sets the dye.

Here are most of the skeins sitting ready in the steamer pot. The ladies came up with some really pretty yarns! I did take some photos of everyone's skeins laying out to dry, but it was too dark to get really good shots. Most of them are blurry. We finished up a little after 8pm, so it was pretty dusky out.

Don't forget:
August is almost over and the special sale on Silky Worsted will end! I have something special planned for September, so stay tuned!

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