Thursday, August 14, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different...

I know all summer I have pretty much been only knitting for my OFFF Booth. So I thought I would start a different sort of project:

One of our friend's sons is turning 3 in September. The father is part of our D&D group. He loves to paint miniatures and really gets into his character. I thought that a totally awesome thing to make for his son is a set of miniatures. I am going to make a knight, a monk, a princess, a wizard, a gnome fairy, and an orc barbarian. I figure that a good way to stimulate imagination is by having characters to make up stories about.

Here is my first guy almost finished. He is the Black Knight. I am knitting him out of some leftover black sock yarn that I dyed up. Actually this project is great for using up scraps of yarn. I am combining the yarn with a gold thread to make him look a bit shiny. What I like is that he is turning out pretty soft and squishy, but still bendy and posable. I am using Jan Messent's Knit a Fantasy Story as a starting point for the figures. Then I am making up the knitting as I go. I really hope that each character will get a little easier as I go along.


Penny said...

how wonderful ! you deserve a break from OFFF prep (how I wish I could help you) and I think that will be a wonderful gift. My memories of play with imagination starts at about age three so it should be perfect. (or at least i'm told now of stories of the stories *i* made up)

(I owe you a reply. I'm getting there)

knitseashore said...

What a fun project! I'm sure the little boy is going to just love them!

Sounds like you are really busy with all the upcoming conventions.