Friday, September 28, 2007

Oregon Flock & Fiber 2007

I love Oregon Flock and Fiber!

But before I even went there I had to drop off a yarn order for Woolgirl. We have been trying to meet for sometime now and something always came up, so now was our chance! I dropped the yarn off at her house, a mere 20 minutes away from OFFF. I got to meet Abby as well, who is a sweety. I also got a behind the scenes look at Woolgirl. Just imagine handpainted yarn floor to ceiling from some of the most well known dyers around. I just kept looking and looking at it and reading all of the names. It was also just so awesome to meet Jennifer in person. She is so sweet and great, that I am proud to be doing business with her. Of course, the only sad thing is that I completely forgot to get out my camera and take pictures of any of it. In fact I didn't remember to take pictures until pretty late in the day at OFFF, but I did get a few:

This is a few of the booths that were outside. My inside pictures didn't turn out very well, and I kept being distracted by people I know and all the pretty yarn and fiber.

I got this fabulous photo of Chrissy and Donna manning Chrissy's booth. If you look carefully there in the back is the last skeins of my Mt Hood yarn. Apparently it was very popular! Amanda was there earlier with her adorable baby boy. He has grown so much since I last saw him in June when the Yarn Harlot came to Portland. I saw so many people that I will probably forget somebody, but here goes: I saw Mims, Meghan, Jodie, Sara, and Sarah. The most surprising person I saw there was Shelley, who doesn't have a blog, but was one of my roommates when I got to study in Italy. Small world, huh?

Dicentra had a sale on a few of her yarns for 50% off. How could I resist? I had to have both of these. They are a worsted weight 50% wool 50% alpaca. They are each 4 oz and 250 yards. I'm thinking possibly Baby Surprise jackets, or mittens, or who knows? They are just mine now.

This is the lovely duet yarn. I have long wanted this yarn because of the novel idea of having solid heels and toes. Of course, I could have dyed it for myself, but what would be the fun in that?

I couldn't escape the Blue Moon booth without something. I just love their silkie yarn. I had a hard time deciding which color that I really really wanted and it finally landed with Hollyday!

This yarn is from Chameleon Colorworks! She is a very lovely dyer and a very wonderful person to talk to. I enjoyed chatting with her quite a bit. The 3 on the left are all Superwash/Tencel blends and the 1 on the right is optim merino. She had everything on sale and had such pretty colorways that I just had to get some. The optim was in odd lots of 1/2 skeins. I'm thinking something for a baby like socks or a hat. Optim is so soft and is machine washable. I gave a skein each of the Tencel to Sarah and to Destiny, because they couldn't make it this year to OFFF. I hope that it will console them a little bit.

The only thing that I didn't get a picture of (besides a few things that may or may not turn up around Christmas time) was a lovely set of Handworks Northwest Dressing wires, because I am sure that you will see plenty of pictures of them in the future. I love them a lot. I bought them from Sporfarm. She is out of The Dalles and is going to officially open up her shop on her farm with regular hours and everything very soon. She has promised to let me know all about it, so I will keep you posted if I hear anything!


Karen said...

Very nice haul! I hope to make it next year. If you ever want more Duets, just ask, the dyer lives in Renton, just a hop-skip-jump away from me and a LYS sells a bunch of her stuff and I do mean a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Like I said know how to shop! Teri

Mokihana said...

Great post about OFFF. I was there Saturday, and it was wonderful. Perfect weather and lots of vendors. I hit Blue Moon first, and got some mill ends of their sock yarn. Yay! Bought a pattern for a ruana from Hokulani Farms. Wandered around more than bought, but we had a ball!

ahousefullofboys said...

I am so sad I was not able to go. You were a fabulous pal to get me something special when I had to stand you up.. Maybe next year.
Thanks for the yummy yarn can't wait to see what it will be.

knitseashore said...

What a great selection you have! Your post makes me even more excited that Rhinebeck (NY Sheep & Wool) is around the corner now.