Monday, December 29, 2014

Year of the Scarf

Happy Holidays to everyone! We had a wonderful Christmas, now onto a wonderful new year! This year I ended up making quite a few scarves as gifts. 

First up is a scarf for my mom. Linen Stitch (rav link) scarves have been very popular lately and I thought I would finally jump on board the band wagon and knit one up! I had a lot of fun picking out the colors for it. I started with red Alpaca Sox from my stash and then matched it with a skein of Blue Moon Silky Socks That Rock in color Hollydays, which I have been saving for something special. The finishing touch was a ball of Paillettes, which have been very popular at my LYS. They give the little sequin sparkles you can just barely make out in the photo. I love them a lot. I knit until I ran out of the Paillettes and then knit an extra row of the Alpaca Sox and then did the bind off. It was a fun mostly mindless knit that went nicely with a busy holiday season. 

Next up I wove this lovely blue scarf (rav link) for a friend of mine. The warp was originally intended to be something else, but I had a sudden vision for this scarf and knew it would be perfect for my friend. The warp was Alpaca Silk Lace in Natural. The weft was  ball of Mini Mochi from my stash. I really love how the color shifts throughout the scarf. It was really fun to weave. I got it done just in time for the class I was teaching. 

Lastly, for the weaving class I taught, I had my husband pick out a skein of yarn from my stash to weave a scarf. He picked out Blue Moon Socks That Rock in limited edition color Doctors Without Borders. I wasn't really attracted to this skein in my stash, though I enjoyed buying it for a good cause. I really love it woven up. it surprised me how lovely it turned out. It looks like faux plaid. It went in my husband's stocking, even though he knew what it was. He has tried it on and hopefully it will help keep his neck warm this winter. I might have to play with some more sock yarn in my stash and see what other awesome scarves I can weave!

I have more projects to share, just need to get them photographed now that they have been unwrapped! Also, new colorways coming in 2015! I'm so excited to share all sorts of things here on the blog!

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