Monday, June 02, 2014

New! Yakkity Yak Sock

I am gearing up for Black Sheep Gathering June 20-22 in Eugene, OR. For me that means lots of new yarn and fiber! So much still to do and dye!

I finished this up this week! It is my new Yakkity Yak Sock. It is 60% Superwash Wool 20% Yak 20% Silk. Just let that sink in a bit! It is so soft and luxurious! The bit of silk gives it a subtle luster and the yak gives it a soft heather color without even trying. I am in love! I think it would be great for treat-yourself socks or a scarf or shawl to keep you cozy. This yarn is unbelievable how wonderful it is! It is even machine washable! Though, I still would suggest handwashing. I have already had people trying to scoop up this yarn before I even had a chance to post it! It is in the shop and will be in my booth at Black Sheep too!

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