Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Colorway! Spring Wildflowers / Pink Lady

Today we have 2 colorways to share! They are a variation on one another, but I love them both, so I am keeping them both! The first is Pink Lady, soft and subtle with bits of soft pink and pale green. Then Spring Wildflowers adds a dash of deeper green, creating a whole new colorway!

The first is Pink Lady. Growing up in the Hood River Valley I was introduced to many different apple varieties. My favorite ones were always the ones the blended soft greens and pinks, including Pink Ladies.

Merino Tencel Roving

Superwash BFL Roving

This yarn is named Spring Wildflowers. I love Springtime! Especially the little pink wildflowers peeking through the new spring grass. 

Superwash Sport Yarn

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