Monday, January 27, 2014

Rainbow Hat

I have a really cute story to share. 

Our neighbors went to visit family in Chicago last fall. While they were there they went to see a former neighbor. She presented them with handknit stockings for Christmas. They thought they were so cool that they had to get her a skein of yarn as a thank you. They had their daughter pick out a skein of Superwash Bulky and she chose Mine, Don't Touch! I shipped it out in time for Christmas with a thank you card from them. 

They were so surprised when this last week she sent it back to them in the form of a hat for their daughter. She didn't even use a pattern, but made it up as she went along! They offered to take photos so I could share it all with you, so I am! I think it turned out super cute! She didn't take it off at all and said she really loved the hat! What could be better praise than that!

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