Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I am home and settling back in! Mostly catching up with mountains of laundry. Here is our trip:

Kids all buckled in and ready to go!

This trip was really more about relaxing and taking things easy, so we didn't see too many sites. We went to the aquarium, which was spendy, but my kids loved it! Here is F hanging out by one of the tanks!

We got both of the kids play cameras, which have been a big hit! I'm sure you will see photos for Photo Friday soon from our trip!

I really like this photo of Blair with the kids! It was hard to get photos where they are all together and not running every which way!

The other excursion we took was a boat tour of the harbor. It was pretty foggy when we started. On the buoy you can kind of make out some local sea lions. 

Thankfully it cleared up part way through the tour and we got a good look at the city. 

We also checked out a couple of yarn shops and book stores. Mostly it was a great rest. Now we both can get back to work doing the great things we do everyday! The kids are happy to be back home too!

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