Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: Knitting Behind the Wheel

What can I say? I am totally crazy about color! 

I actually first heard about the Knitting Behind the Wheel class on Mary Scott Huff's blog. You can read her words about it here. I love color theory. I love how mixing different colors together makes each color do something different than when it is standing by itself. It is simply amazing. 

In this class Mary Scott Huff will guide you through the tricks and tips of mixing and matching colors together. She will start by playing by the rules and then break them. She provides all the yarn (shown above) to make this amazing bag. Of course each bag will come out a little different as you learn how to pick your colors and how they work together. You will be amazed at how your finished product will be different from the person next to you, but yet will still work!

The class goes all day with a one hour break for lunch in the middle. I can't imagine anything more fun than spending the day with Mary Scott Huff knitting and playing with color! Make sure to check out this class!

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