Monday, August 06, 2012

Strawberry Booties

I knit these for baby F right before she was born: 

Tiny strawberry booties (rav link). I simply love them! The yarn is Dale of Norway Baby Ull. They knit up pretty fast. Though I probably would change some things if I were to knit them again. For the bottom of the foot it has you knit back and forth on half the foot sts then sew to the opposite side and then sew up the other side sts. I changed this so when I knit back and forth I k2tog with 1 side st at each end until I ran out of side sts. Then I used a kitchener st to sew the bottom of the foot to the opposite side. Next time I would simply continue in the round decreasing at all 4 corners and then kitchenering at the center if the foot. 

Either way I think the booties are adorable on F's little feet. This was the clearest picture I could get because she kept kicking her cute little feet all over the place. She does make an adorable model. Once the weather cools down I'll have to see what other woolies I can put on her!

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