Monday, July 09, 2012

Impress Set

I'm still getting caught up posting about all of the knitting I did before the new little one got here. This is the Impress Set (ravelry link):

I really love this dress! It was a very fun knit. I knit it out of my Panda Silk DK. Main color is undyed. The two accents are Berry Pie and Pear Blossom. I really love this yarn! I'm only sad that about the time I finished this dress I got a message saying this yarn had been discontinued. So all I have in the shop is what is available (plus 2 skeins of Pear Blossom I haven't had time to put up yet). I might end up keeping a bit of it for myself because I really loved working with it!

Here are the matching bonnet and booties. The bonnet currently fits and is totally adorable! I really should get a picture of it, because it is way too cute! I really am starting to love bonnets for newborns. The trouble I have with hats is they always manage to fall over the baby's eyes and then they cry. With a bonnet it stays where it's supposed to and keeps their little heads warm and protected! I might just have to knit a couple more bonnets in bigger sizes as she grows older!

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