Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Workshop Wednesdays: Kumihimo

Kumihimo is the beautiful art of braiding yarn. I actually have experience with this. As a girl my grandmother's guild had a lesson in kumihimo. She showed me how to use the little cardboard wheel with the instructions to make a braid. Of course my braid was made from acrylic yarn my grandmother had on hand and not anything as beautiful as the works of art Linda Gettmann makes! She is an incredible and talented artist!

Linda first approached me about teaching a beginning weaving class, which is definitely in the works for 2013! However, I didn't have room for her class this year! So many good classes, so little time, as it were! Well, when Sivia had to drop her class due to a time conflict, Linda was at the top of my list to step in! I contacted her, but it simply isn't possible to teach all there is to know about a rigid heddle loom in 3 hours, so she suggested a class in Kumihimo!

Kumihimo is a quick and easy technique to learn! It uses up little bits of leftover yarn, including those high end specialty yarns! I know I want to use up every bit of silk or cashmere yarn when I get it and this is definitely the way to do it. 

What is also great is it works really well with ribbon yarn and other novelties! Linda ordered a couple of small skeins of my handpainted nylon ribbon yarn from the sale bin. These necklaces only take 30 yards, so a small skein works really great! I always have these extras in the sale bin, because the yarn comes in 8 oz skeins, which are never exact. I always have a little leftover skein that I put on sale, because it has less yardage than a normal full skein. This was a quick photo Linda sent me when she was finished. She really liked the yarn and I really like how it turned out! I only wish I had time to take the class as well as setting up my booth and organizing all of the other vendors at the same time! However, you can take this class and learn this really wonderful technique!

For more information check out: Kumihimo Beaded Braid Necklace with Linda Gettmann

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